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Episode 1: Fusion Centers

The buildout of the OPSEC fusion center is a critical step in creating actionable intelligence. Jeffery Prather has an extraordinary level of experience in this space. Major Prather is...

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Behind The Mic

Gregg Phillips

Show Host

In addition to the being the Publisher of Patriot Games, Gregg Phillips is Managing Partner of the OPSEC Group with offices in USA, Germany, Switzerland.

Gregg specializes is acquisition, exploitation and dissemination of various types of intelligence through the OPSEC’s data fusion centers.

He is a connector, deal maker and operator in geopolitical, election intelligence, and counterintelligence operations.

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We will also let the audience join us in our Fusion Center and operational briefings as we actually execute the use of technology in real-world applications and operations in the US and abroad.


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